Sunday, 1 February 2009

TICAP Speech Content

You can view the content of the speakers' presentations by clicking on their name below. Files are in PDF format.

Gian Turci
Dr Barrie Craven
Dr Gio Gori
Dr Jan Snel
Dr John Luik (abstract)
Prof Robert Molimard
Prof Rein Vos (read by John Gray to conference)


  1. An article on this conference is in the

    Sunday Express newspaper ( Page 26 ) in

    England. The article is entitled " Applaud

    smokers' fightback against state prohibition"

    Unfortunately the Scottish edition of the

    paper did not include this article.

    Will the Scottish Daily Express include it

    in the Monday edition of their paper.

    I WONDER!!!!!

    Laird of Glencairn

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  3. Seems an interesting issue.
    I would not be averse to legalizing drugs but taxing them highly with monopolies, to restrict the competition.